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BEHOLD! The original Corndog Brigade layout in all its past glory!

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<h1>The Corndog Brigade V.4.2</h1>
<h4>Not for the faint of heart, or those who lack HUMOR!</h4>
<font color=white>Martians, tourists, and a large assortment of cosplayers have recently invaded Scandinavia. Zebopians to blame.</font>
<h3>Random Junk:</h3>
<center><img src=></center>
<p><center><font color=white>We are the shadow that lurks in the night...</font></center></p>

<h3>Get Your Dog!</h3>
<img src=><img src= height=134 width=160><center>
<p>Corndog Adoptables by CrazySheltie!<br>
5 to choose from! Get them
<a href=> Here!</a></p>

<h3> Propaganda:</h3>
<p><font size=3>Propaganda currently out of order.</font>
<h3>New & Improved!</h3>
<li> More corndogs!
<li> Learn how to properly dispose of human corpses!
<li> The disprovement of the Theory of Relativity
<li> The best message board <b>ever</b>!
<li> The best members that bribery could buy.
<li> Did we mention the Penguins?
<li> A non-frozen leader!* :o *hinthint* *while supplies last
<li> Faster, dumber, and more Corndog Making Machines!
<li> Frisbee Fridays! :o
<li> Faster brainwashing!
<li> <b>Raddow, in all his splendour!</b>
<li> & even more Corndog funness!
<li> Weekly worshiping of the master <b>Derek</b>
<li> 3x the Hobo goodness+++
<li> More sphoons than ever before!
<li> More effective propaganda!
<li> <b>Derek, SO MUCH BETTER THAN MLT 8D<b/>
<li> Our views on the Heliocentric Theory
<li> Need we say more?

<h3>About the Brigade:</h3>
<b>12 Things We <b><u>Do NOT</u></b> Offer (even to King Phil):</b><br>
<li> Newbie Packs
<li> Free cake
<li> Photos of Techy and Luna. *cough*
<li> Complimentary spoons
<li> The meaning of life
<li> Time travel
<li> Shoulders to cry on
<li> Continental breakfast
<li> Canned whale blubber
<li> Tater salad
<li> Plumbing
<li> Any type of advice <b>WHATSOEVER<b/></p>
<p><h3>Artsy Junk</h3>
<p><font><b>AN ODE TO CORNDOGS: By <u>blitzo273</u></b></font><br>
<p>I hunger and crave, for your handy design
<p>And cheer as you are, impeccably fine
<p>I scream and I whoop as the microwave dings
<p>While dreaming up such, incredible things
<p>Truly you are, the miracle snack
<p>I promise you soon, that I will be back</p></font></br>

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